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The best chocolate ever! From now on, this is my favorite chocolate, unless I can find even more delicious ones but this  so jummy! I am not fun of chocolate but I received these from my boyfriend’s grandma as a gift. I was so surprised that she gave me these Leonidas chocolate, an unexpected gift from her. I love them a lot 🙂 I wanted to sent these to the Philippines but I am so obsessed by them, I want to try them all because every piece has its own design and taste and they’re really looking good. Before I tried them, it sounds like the chocolates called me “eat me now!”

Fresh Butter Creams

Lingot — Coffee butter cream and praline or Vanilla butter cream and praline.
Manon Café White — White chocolate ensconcing coffee butter cream, praline and whole roasted hazelnut.
Mystère — A delightful blend of chocolate and pistachio butter cream.
Manon — Coffee butter cream and praline–available in dark, milk and white chocolate.


Alexander le Grande — LEONIDAS’ finest caramel concealed within either dark or milk chocolate.


Europe — A rum ganache unlike any other–available in dark and milk chocolate.
Tosca — Brandy harmonized with sweet, sultry ganache, with milk or dark chocolate
Ganache — Orange-flavored or pure ganache.
Antoinette — Soft and sweet, vanilla ganache in dark or milk chocolate.


Maron Dark — Dark chocolate coffee praline with caramelized hazelnut pieces.
Buche Praline — Pure praline in a thin chocolate shell, milk and dark chocolate.
Casanova — Lightly crisped treat, made with puffed rice, milk, dark or white chocolate.
Louise — A milk or dark chocolate caramel praline.

Cream Liquors

Cerise — Whole Morello cherry with a cream liquor in dark chocolate.

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