" /> Congratulations Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

Congratulations Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

]Hello Miss Pia Wurtzbach, I personally congratulate you! You deserve the crown! It fits beautiful people like you. Beautiful inside & out. You have made us all proud. We are glad to hear this great news. I congratulate you on this beautiful leap of your life. Well done.










Dear Pia,

Gorgeous, we love you! How are you? I hope you’re doing great and are having fun in New York. YOU ARE STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! No matter what others think, there is someone out there that loves you and cares about you, well Filipinos do. When you look in the mirror, smile and tell yourself you’re worth it, that you’re beautiful because you are. Congrats on your achievement, you made all Filipinos so proud. You truly stand out of your crowd with your own super way. Hard work pays in life and the moment when you have to strive you played your part so well. You did things, which made you smile. So you have rightly achieved your dreams. Wishing you many congrats and may you stay blessed in life!I always enjoy watching your interviews. I’ve watched your recent tv interviews, and listened intense to your answers. You are so natural and humble. No wonder you got the crown. Keep inspiring Pia and forget the Bashers. Losers whine about their best winners! Thank you Pia Wurtzbach for the inspiration! Indeed God says yes at the right time according to his will. All we need to do is believe and work hard. You are that perfect example, may your love bloom brighter. But I know that you will make it through coz Filipinos are so strong.Also I would like to compliment Miss America Olivia Jordan for gently helping Miss Philippines understand what happened, as it was happening. She was right there next to Miss Philippines. Ms. Bulgaria Radost Todorova has won hearts among Filipinos for her gesture of support for Miss Philippines at 2015 Miss Universe coronation ceremony. Thank You and wish you the best: from Philippines with love.I Love Your Dress Pia 🙂


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