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Fashion and you|My Fashion Blog 

October 30, 2015

What does it do fashion and you?

Fashion is a chance to share the beauty you love. It’s a world that appreciates different kind of charms and cultures. Communicate the way you are, the way you feel and what’s on your mind each single day. Fashion is involved in everyone’s life and gives people a chance to be like everybody or on the other hand being like nobody else.

For me it’s a part of enjoyment in my life but it also inspires me. It gives me hope for making my dreams come true. I’m sharing my fashion blog for my pleasure and I’m so grateful to be here. I think it’s every girl’s dream. It’s not a responsibility to be a fashion diva. I love dressing well and putting make-up on. I don’t think there is any girl who doesn’t like to look good and wear nice clothes. Actually I don’t like to spend a lot of money on designer clothes, I often buy them on sale and customize them the way I like it.

clothes -fashion-2015| ZARA Suits | H&M Skirt | H&M Top Shirt |

blogger-2015-clothes-fashion-beausian| ZARA Suits | H&M Skirt | H&M Top Shirt |

new-fashion-blogger-2015| VERO MODA Blazer | H&M Dress

Clothes-2015| ZARA Suits | H&M Skirt | H&M Top Shirt |

FASHION-BLOG 2015| ZARA Suits | H&M Skirt | H&M Top Shirt |

autumn-clothes-2015| VERO MODA Blazer | H&M Dress

clothes-2015-autumn-winter| ZARA Suits | H&M Skirt | H&M Top Shirt

Before I decided to create a fashion blog, I was asking myself:
• Who’s going to check me out here?
• Do I think I can make this? Because writing is actually not my thing…
• Maybe my english isn’t good enough :(.
• What things can I share?
• How can I start?
However all I know is that fashion is my passion and a way to be myself. But most of all I want to improve my writing skills and pursue learning new things.

Why do you love Fashion Clothes?

I’m not a fashion designer, it’s just that I love fashion clothes and can be excited to look glamorous. I love fashion because there are no rules and it’s more and more getting accepted to be open-minded. Sometimes, when I buy clothes in sale and they’re very cheap, I frequently customize them by myself 🙂 have you noticed my white dress into my pictures? I also made that better for myself.

I want to share with you that my mom is the best dress designer.

I’m missing my lovely mom, I never forgot the way she took care of us, especially when we she dressed us in pretty clothes to look good when we went to school :). Also she was making our hairstyles beautiful. Because of her every end of the school year we were able to obtain awards for most clean & neat (since kindergarten until elementary graduate). Me and my sister were always looking forward during christmas because we had new clothes from our parents and relatives. I have to say, I grew up with fashion because of my mother, even though we couldn’t afford to buy many clothes. My mom is always gathering pieces of fabric from my aunt and she is constantly sewing it, even our school uniform. Until now she keeps doing it, like our cortains, bed sheets, they’re made by her her own hands. For me, she is the most extraordinary clothes designer, probably I might learn from her. I want to tell here something about my mom because I couldn’t express my feelings to her. I want to tell her that I love her with all my heart, but maybe I’m not saying this enough. We’re often chatting together and I tell her that I love her so much but still I can’t express it enough. I should have shown more love to her and perhaps she would have opened up more, I really regret that I’d never say how much she really means to me. I’m very thankful for having a mother like her and she’s always there at any moment when I need her. But anyway, she is the best mom in the whole world and I’m looking forward seeing her again and the rest of my family also of course.

Share with me why you love fashion 🙂

Irish Anne Tello

Welcome to BeauSian! My name is Irish, from Philippines. I currently living in Brussels, Belgium. I am a 26 year old fashion lover. On my blog I share everything from outfits and my lifestyle.

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