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What Fashion Bloggers Can Do – How to Become a Fashion Blogger | 5 TOP TIPS




How Did I Start My Fashion Blog?  Have you ever wondered what a fashion blogger actually does? Find out behind-the-scenes every great fashion blogger can do.

Blogging is hard working but is everything. In the beginning I don’t have knowledge in developing my website. Luckily I had my ex-boyfriend before who was helping me a lot. I’ve been building my own site for 3 MONTHS, but don’t worry it’s not that difficult. I am willing to help you if I can.

Why did it take a while to start my blog? Cause it took me a long time to discover what exactly I need to do, what I want to happen and what the reason is to have a blog.

Here are some ideas:

  • Build your website
  • Get a good camera
  • A good laptop
  • Photographer
  • Sponsorships Build

Your Site

Based on my experience, it’s better to learn to make your own theme design. The reason I did because it’s free and I will know how it will work properly without asking help to anyone. I watched Tyler Moore video, from him I’ve learned a lot. After I knew how everything worked. I bought my theme from THE VOUX. Again, you don’t need to buy one cause there are hundreds of themes for free.

Good Camera

I am using a CANON E0S 550D – EFS18-55mm and CANON EOS 60D – 24-70mm f2.8. If you cannot afford to buy it immediately that’s okay – just do an extra effort for editing to make your photos beautiful.

Laptop (I am using MacBook but you don’t really need to buy one as long you have a good computer)

I got my own MacBook Air cause I used to work on my ex-boyfriend’s laptop and it’s convenient for me to edit photos and also for editing video.

Find Photographer For Free

This is very interesting if you cannot afford to buy a good camera. What I did, I found my photographer.  I can’t afford to pay for him, in exchange he will take my photos and use me as his model on his social media. In return I publish him to all of my social media. I am sure you will find a good one, search on Facebook groups, for sure there will be good photographers in your town. Find those who aren’t famous, doesn’t mean they’re not good. Like my photographer, he is not famous but he likes taking photos for fun and he is the best one.

Find Sponsorships

I was always wondering before how fashion bloggers get their clothes for free, beauty stuff, and all other things they want. This is what I love as a blogger because I can get free things, even free hotel accommodation and etc.

I’ll never forget one blogger I’ve got to know (we’re not that close friends). I asked her how to get sponsorships and how it’ll work but she said “I’m sorry I can’t tell”. But that’s okay, it’s part of things I’ve learned to find my own way. I found my own awesome sponsors, they never doubt accepting me and I am very thankful to have them. I know it’s not good to lie but I have to lie. Even I was a beginner on blogging,

No followers on my blog
My Instagram is not qualified, has only 900 + followers (they’re limits has at least 5000 followers)
Facebook has 4000+ friends
Lookbook 40+ followers
Pinterest 400+ followers
LinkedIn 500+ followers
Twitter 20+ followers (I am not a big fan of twitter)

I sent this later:


The most important is to be FRIENDLY and be PATIENT. After, they sent me free clothes that I can choose. I take good photos for posting them on my social media and writing reviews about the gift I received. They publish my photos on their site. Later on, I was surprised I got many emails from other clothes companies. How cool is that, getting free clothes. That’s how I started getting sponsors.



You can see other bloggers/instagramer that they are using #____ (name of the company). Check on the profile who they’re tagging – send an email to each company. Do not worry if they won’t accept you, just find other companies. In my experience, I send over 50+ emails and I get two responses, so that’s how I found (amiclubwear.comshein.comromwe.com)


What else do you want to know as a fashion Blogger? I will be grateful to help. Leave me a comment below! 😉





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