" /> Brussels Nightlife • A Truly Vast Selection Of La Terrasse O2 And A Great Atmosphere.

Brussels Nightlife

A truly vast selection of La Terrasse O2 and a great atmosphere. I was one myself I can’t complain, all added to the atmosphere!! So far, La Terrasse O2 is one of my favorites place to go out during summer. We hangout most of the time here with my marvelous friends. The views are stunning, you will enjoy lying in a deckchair, a glass of rosé by hand and feet in the pool. And you will find on your menu your favorite dishes as well as new products including an organic section. The drinks menu also goes green and healthy. Difficult to dethrone the mythical mojito or the gin-tonic yet the fresh fruit juices will try.


You will meet different cultures and I enjoy learning about other cultures. Meeting people who have different perspectives, backgrounds, and life. You can thank other cultures for the variety in your life. Without learning about other cultures, I have no hope in understanding what the world is really like.

The dress I wear is one of my design → FIND MORE HERE


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