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November 24, 2015
  Fashion books are great things to have stacked on a coffee table or sat on a shelf in your own personal library. The most enchanting fashion books are glossy, beautiful, substantial and impossible to put down.



I don’t have any particular magazine collection, so I’m thinking why not having my own magazines collection because I love them. For my 1st time collection I will start these. I started collecting small glasses from different marks from different countries I visited. But some of them I left at my friend’s place and some other I gave as a present. The reason why I collect these glasses is because I wanted to bring it to my mom when I’m going back to Philippines. The magazines are looking very inspiring. I always love to spend time to see the pictures over and over again every single page. I might not be good to make my own fashion style, but when I watch them, it feels great. I’m not one of these many great fashion designers and I don’t want to be as good as them, but I just want to inspire people with my own looks. I heard that the Vogue On series are perfect for anyone wanting to get to know a particular designer. Why they’re so great and how they became successful. I think these are a great start if you’re not sure which books to start with, they have everything you need to begin. So, I hope I will have a chance to collect these magazines before the end of this year.

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