" /> My new look by; L'Oreal Ombre Hair Color Preference

My new look by; L’Oreal Ombre Hair Color Preference

November 17, 2015

This is the 1st time I use L’Oreal Ombre Hair Color Preference.

I personally really like this ombre hair color. It didn’t make my hair as light as I wanted but it looks fantastic, and it hasn’t dried out my hair too much.


The kit comes with the components for the mixture, gloves, conditioning shampoo, instructions and a handy little applicator brush. There are no rules on how to apply. I bought 2 packs of L’Oreal Ombre hair color Preference Wild No. 1 because my hair is long, I have many hairs and I also want more bleach or effect in it. There are 3 color options. Ombre No. 1 for Light Brown to Dark Brown hair, Ombre No. 2 for Dark Blonde to Medium Brown hair and Ombre No. 3 for Blonde to Dark Blonde hair.

L'Oréal Ombre hair-colour-Préférence Wild Ombré-fabulous-jpg L’Oreal Ombre Hair Color Preference

I used the kit 1st box ombre number 1. I applied it from my ears to the end first and brush through. I could see it was changing very fast through, so checked it out after 25 minutes. The instructions state to leave the mixture in for a max of 45 minutes. You are not supposed to leave it on for more than 45 minutes. I waited for 45 minutes, then rinsed it through with warm water and after that I applied the shampoo that was provided in the box. Rinsed and then left it to dry naturally.

My 2nd box ombre, I applied the next day but of course you may do it the same day. I did it only because I applied it during night and I wanted to see the 1st the hair color effect the day after. So the next day I applied it again, but this time I used aluminum and brush. There are no rules how you want to be looking like. My goal was to add some highlights but it didn’t work very well, it’s pretty difficult when you’re doing it alone by the highlighting look. I did this processed by highlighting. The whole process took a while.

L'Oréal Ombre hair-colour-Préférence Wild Ombré-jpgL’Oreal Ombre Hair Color Preference

 If you look at the girl on the cover of box no. 1, does her hair look blonde to you? The result was like the box: a combination of red, slightly orange hued, caramel. Yes, after any chemical treatment, your hair will be drier in its texture. You must make sure you condition your hair very well before using this product, rinse out all of the conditioner and let it dry naturally. Then the next day your hair is clean and ready. The result will have an orange-like hue to it. If you have dark hair, in order to go blonde it has to be done in stages. 2-3 sets of bleaching. During the first stage it will go orange, as dark hair has red under hues to it naturally. This kit takes it to stage one and almost stage 2. Do not buy kit number 2 thinking it will make tips blonder because all it will do is make it a more florescent orange tone. This is part of the bleaching process. So only use this kit if you want a blend of reddy, orangey, caramel tones. If your natural hair is ‘virgin’ hair, meaning never dyed or chemically enhanced, it will only probably slightly lighten it to red-orange. If your hair has been dyed before, it will go lighter, more caramel with hues of orange. And yes, this product does have a strong smell, it contains bleach and chemicals like most of these hair color products.L'Oréal Ombre hair-colour-Préférence Wild Ombré-effect


In the end, mine came out the exact colour as kit no. 1 with the tips of my hair slightly blonde and depending on your own natural colour the rest red-orange-brown. It hasn’t damaged my hair much at all. “I hope this may help you a little bit 🙂

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