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Hello Fellas, I hope you had a great evening. How do you like my dress? 🙂 I get this from ONLY ONE and my pretty pointed high heels from PIECES.. I really love them a lot, they were my favorite shops when I was living in Denmark. Again, presents from my sponsor (hahaha) I mean from boyfriend as a christmas gift. I want to share with you, what I’ve done on my crazy day today. Because I was exhausted doing my new project (my online shop) and I cannot find my answers directly. So, I decided to dress well, wear make-up, work like this, and drinking juice with a little alcohol. Afterwards I felt relaxed and motivated.

What about you? What have you done? 😉


Irish Anne Tello

Welcome to BeauSian! My name is Irish, from Philippines. I currently living in Brussels, Belgium. I am a 26 year old fashion lover. On my blog I share everything from outfits and my lifestyle.

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