" /> Street in Brussels

Street in Brussels

DECEMBER 10, 2015

Happy Thursday everyone!

I hope you had a great day :).


| PRIMARK Crop Bra Top | PRIMARK Short | DKNY bag | H&M doll shoes |

Missing summer!

I miss posting summer clothes, because when I started my blog it was autumn already! But I want to share with you a few ones little :). Do you love my dress? How much do you think it costs? Well they look quite expensive and yes they might be cheap but you won’t notice it. My upper was 5 euro and my short 10 euro but it was in sale, so I paid around 8 euro only for short and crop bra top. With that, wear your expensive bag πŸ™‚Β  It just depends how you want to wear clothes. If I’m not mistaken, most girls want to wear most clothes once to trice and then want to keep them in the closet for next year. But I think they’re not going to wear them again :). So why not having cheap clothes? Because not all of them are ugly…

Merry Christmas Fellas πŸ™‚



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