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The Beauty of Autumn

DECEMBER 12, 2015





| ZARA Suit | China Dress | H&M Doll Shoes

Countdown to Christmas

The end of summer can be a bit depressing, but there’s one simple fact that can cheer us up, Christmas is just around the corner!

The build up to Christmas can actually be really exciting,  There are officially only 14 days until Santa comes down our chimneys, that’s 1 week until you need to have all your shopping done.

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching the leaves in your garden change steadily from green, to yellow, to orange, to deep red. And when they fall off the trees, it’s really pretty…

Irish Anne Tello

Welcome to BeauSian! My name is Irish, from Philippines. I currently living in Brussels, Belgium. I am a 26 year old fashion lover. On my blog I share everything from outfits and my lifestyle.

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