" /> Zara Night Dress

Zara Night Dress

November 23,2015







| Bianco Red Heels | Claire’s Purse | Zara Night Black Dress | L’oreal Hair Color |

Do you like my dress? I actually changed the look, before there wasn’t a slit on it and there was a slim fit high neck on it but I cut off. I bought this last year and I only weared it once. My shoes, this one is my most favorite pair of heels and I wear them often. My purse I bought most recently to have a new one for new year’s night 2014-2015.

Thanks for passing by guys.

Irish Anne Tello

Welcome to BeauSian! My name is Irish, from Philippines. I currently living in Brussels, Belgium. I am a 26 year old fashion lover. On my blog I share everything from outfits and my lifestyle.

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